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04 February 2013


James Sternhell

Mark Dreyfus is Jewish, so he is entitled to make Nazi comments.By this same logic, anyone Jewish is entitled to make Nazi comments about Labor and the Greens without the brouhaha. The Liberals have a Jewish MP-Josh Freydenburg(Kooyong). He can quite rightfully hit them with Nazi comments with impunity and point out the similarities in tactics between Gillard and the Nazis as well as the core belief similarities between the Greens and Nazis.
If Pyne recants, as he has, then Josh and other Jews are entitled to rip in to Labor and expose their totalitarian tendencies. Ever note that those who jump up and down are the ones with something to hide?
I am looking forward to a flood of Nazi comments made by Jews with impunity to expose Labor and the Greens.
Bring it on!

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