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10 February 2012


alex ford

The United Nations was set up by the elite to overide our country's sovereign laws, once a treaty is voted by this corrupt organisation we are obliged to follow and obey like sheep.The elites symbol is the pyramid with the all seeing eye which is on the back of the US dollar, they are few at the top & need lieutenant's like 'Kissinger' to do their dirty work. We have to pay attention to our politicans on both sides to make sure they are not selling us down the drain like 'Blair & Obama'did to their countries. The New World Order and One World Government is real and this article enforces it. We do not know what our policticans are agreeing to when they go to these meetings. Gillard being a fabian socialist and an atheist has shown us our own polictians will deliberately lie to us to get elected, break written agreements(Wilkie) to bring in a 'Carbon Tax' which is the greatest 'Ponzi' fraud ever to be perpetrated upon us to tax us for the benefit of the United Nations. Remember the pyramid base (US)is far larger that the eye at the top we have to wake up before it is too late for our grandchildren

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